Owners Club of Florida

Terms & Conditions

Owners Club of Florida Limited Company Registration Number: 08288065 (hereafter referred to as The Company), are a UK based company created to be able to offer property owners of accommodation in Florida a range of special discount and conditions when using services provided via companies featured within our website.

The Company does not currently charge members any fees and relies on commissions received from the various suppliers. 

Responsibility of The Company
The Company acts purely as a broker, collects no money from any of the club members and therefore has no financial or legal responsibility for the delivery, performance or acts of any of the services provided by the mentioned suppliers of services. 

Responsibility of the Member
Members must agree to our conditions which include that your individual password or access to your account may not be passed on or advertised to any third party at any time without written permission from The Company. Failure to abide by these rules will result in membership being terminated immediately and all passwords revoked.

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